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Got CateNip? Terms of Use
To request a copy of ANY template from now on, please email me at
Be sure to put "Template Request" in the subject line. In your email include the number of the template you're wanting.
For multiples, email your first 2 choices and after receiving them email your next 2 choices...and so on. Your requests will arrive with the layers closed so don't panic if they look blank.
I check for requests once a day so please give me 24 hours to fill your request.
Gmail is checked @ 6pm PST.
Requests left on the blog will not be fufilled, sorry.
*** Attention TUTORIAL WRITERS***
If you'd like to use anything from this blog in a tutorial, first email me at the above mentioned email address for permission.
Thanks for understanding and following my terms.
*** ADDED NOTE, Please Read ***
If you're looking for tutorials of my tags? Sorry but I don't write tutorials because I get very frustrated trying to keep track of what I did to create a finished tag. I always credit the fabulous tut writers when I've used a tutorial because they're the brave ones and without their sharing I wouldn't have learned how to fine-tune my designs. Just the way it goes Thelma.
I'm just missing the "Tutorial Writing Gene" I guess.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

PTE Helloween Contest

Tis was my entry in the PTE Helloween Contest
a non winner

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One more...then bedtime!

This tutorial is called

I'm Obsessed!

I have a new favourite tutorial site!!!
I've learned sooo many amazing treatments
for plugins I've had for a couple of
years (and never knew what to do with them.)
Here's a few samples of what I've played with.
I know, my renditions are very different but hey...
that's what tutorials are for; to learn and apply the knowledge
First 2 tags are from the
Pink Lady

It all started with this tag as a challenge:

and then I went to:

There are sooo many tutorials on this site,
and so little time...hehehe!
I've combined a few new tricks on my tags, sorta
like "Frankentuting"
(...okay, that was a bad Helloween joke!)
I hope you go check it out!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ghouls Just Wanna ...

... be frilly and, well, you can see for yourself...
I miss you Lady Death!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Playing around

Trying out some of the PTE Yahoo Group
challenges: The tutorial is by Just Fi
Here's one with Scott Blair art:

and a version with Barbara Jensen art

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NEW Template 09

This template will require some advanced skills.
It works well with the tutorial linked in the previous post
although my sizing is very different, my framing is different.
The framing has bauble beading added to it that are my original
creations.  I wish to thank Shirley's Web Works for her wonderful tutorial
and for the inspiration.

It's all set for making a tag like my sample below.
To request a copy of this template please email me at
Be sure to put "Template Request" in the subject line and in your email
include the number of the template you're wanting.
I check for requests once a day so please give me
24 hours to fill your request.
Thanks for your interest!
...and here's what I created with it:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Putzin' again

You can find the tutorial I played with

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tut by Vix

I adore Vix's tutorials!
I've learned sooo many techniques
from her!
You can find this tutorial
I would also like to take a moment to thank Ismael Rac.
With all the recent uproar with MPT tubes, Ismael
is now allowing us to use our current Xeracx License #
with all tubes purchased thru MPT and AMI...
I, personally have 40+ tubes between the 2 companies that I wasn't using because I won half the tubes thru various contests or
had made promo tags for MPT and got to keep the tubes.
 There wasn't a receipt
for that huge block of tubes so they were sitting in limbo.
Thank you Ismael!!! 
 I plan on using your work much much more, again!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

So Many Tubes, so little Time...

I could play with Robert Alvarado's tubes all day!
errr, maybe I should rephrase that...??
This tag was done for his FTF Friday
last weekend in the PTE Yahoo Group.
I should get my arse in gear and pull together
a Helloween template, eh?  My template creativity
has been on vacation, so it seems.