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Got CateNip? Terms of Use
To request a copy of ANY template from now on, please email me at
Be sure to put "Template Request" in the subject line. In your email include the number of the template you're wanting.
For multiples, email your first 2 choices and after receiving them email your next 2 choices...and so on. Your requests will arrive with the layers closed so don't panic if they look blank.
I check for requests once a day so please give me 24 hours to fill your request.
Gmail is checked @ 6pm PST.
Requests left on the blog will not be fufilled, sorry.
*** Attention TUTORIAL WRITERS***
If you'd like to use anything from this blog in a tutorial, first email me at the above mentioned email address for permission.
Thanks for understanding and following my terms.
*** ADDED NOTE, Please Read ***
If you're looking for tutorials of my tags? Sorry but I don't write tutorials because I get very frustrated trying to keep track of what I did to create a finished tag. I always credit the fabulous tut writers when I've used a tutorial because they're the brave ones and without their sharing I wouldn't have learned how to fine-tune my designs. Just the way it goes Thelma.
I'm just missing the "Tutorial Writing Gene" I guess.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday re-issue 2

This is a re-issue of a frame I offered last year.
The sample of what I did with it is in my CateNip banner...
it's called
"My Lil Deer frame "

Holiday re-issue!

I'm bringing back my Silver n Ice Frame!
Available until New Years...

and here's what I made with it:

Be sure to read the TOU's before you request it.

Thanks to Everyone!

Thank you everyone for being patient
with the mail-in requests!  I know it's a little
different approach, I hope it's not too much of a pain on your end.
I'm working on bringing back a few of last years
xmas frames and elements so check back this week.
I used a few things in my banner...the deer frame
and clusters!  I know I need to break away
from the stockings...LOL
Now, can someone help me step away from this addicting tube?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sad news today!

Yes, it made me very sad to read the news
of my muse, leaving CDO at the end of the year.
Olivia's artwork has inspired me for years...
and I mean YEARS!  I've collected her art since 1977.
I get a monthly dose in Playboy to this day.
When none of her beautiful monthly contributions
surfaced at CDO this year, I sort of had a feeling
this day was coming.  Didn't make it any easier, I only
hope her work re-appears in the next year.  I'm very meloncholy right now.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just playing around

I drooled over this new tube til I couldn't
stand it anymore...LOL

click on tag to enlarge

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Curly Toes Stocking Template 2

Here is a sample of the template,
please follow the instructions in the TOU
to request the template.  Samples of what
I've made are in a few previous posts.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Story Behind My Curly Toes Stocking Template

For many years I'd had a wonderful close friend named Vicki.  We started doing craft faires together around Xmas time,  Vicki made the most exquisite
Xmas stockings using velvets, satins, hounds tooth fabrics; vintage laces, buttons, vintage florals...things she'd saved thru the years from flea markets and thrift store rummaging.
Vick was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was very aggressive; she managed to beat it and was cancer free for 7 years.  But it came back.  So while she went thru more chemo she'd sit in her chair and hand sew her beautiful stockings.  Many went to the chemo nurses, or she filled with yummie goodies for fellow patients.  Sadly, she passed away.  I treasure my Curly Toes stockings.  In a way, they are my Breast Cancer Awareness reminders.
Last year I created a template set, designed after her paper patterns.  When I make tags in the season, I feel like I'm sharing part of my friend.
So, thank you on all the wonderful comments on my stocking tags...
You're really complimenting Vicki for what she taught me.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reworked a template for the holidays!

I reworked my Curly Toes Stocking Template...
the new version is a bit chunkier, the heel more rounded.
I felt the first version was a little skinny...
The template will be posted some time this weekend.
Here's what I played with, using the beautiful
angel tube from Barbara Jensen:

Thank you PTE's Yahoo Group!

I entered the PspTube Emporium Yahoo Group
Christmas banner Contest and won!
I would usually post the banner (tag) on my blog
but due to it's size I can't.  I will post the link to
view it once they have it changed.  In the meantime
I made a tag using the stocking from the banner.
Thanks again for selecting my tag for the front of the
group announcements.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The NEW Rules

To request a copy of ANY template
from now on, please email me at
Be sure to put "Template Request" in the subject line and in your email
include the number of the template you're wanting.
I check for requests once a day so please give me
24 hours to fill your request.
This is due to finding out my templates have indeed been passed
around in a certain Yahoo share group. 
This is against my terms of use.  It's a shame to have to do this around the start of the holidays but TOU's are posted for a reason.  It places more work on me but to insure I know who's actually downloading my offerings for personal use as opposed to stealing this is how it will be.
I'm sorry for any inconvenience.