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I'm just missing the "Tutorial Writing Gene" I guess.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just catching up with the rest of the tagging world

I'm really not sure what karma is going around MPT.  Better yet, I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna stay in my little corner of the tagging world, pull up my PSP program and play with tubes from companies that appreciate my patronage AND my cash.  I made a huge gaffe in trying to stick with MTP in the last war of words n witts and frankly felt like a fool. Yea, I said it. It's sort of an apology to those at PTE that got judged
before I knew what was really happening there.
I'm happy that my favourite artists are finding homes.
Without these "homes" I'd lose a hobby that's
kept my empty moments from strangling me.
A little cryptic, again... yea yea.
But I'm just gonna get to cleaning my "hobby corner"
and throw myself into making some new taggage.
Let the big kids sort out the damages, I guess?
Parting's out of our hands so all we can do is wait
and hope for the best.
P.S ???
Someone pleassseeeee get Scott Blair hooked up with
a cool place to land?  I miss the man...

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  1. I know what you mean, Cate. It's all quite a mess right now isn't it. Soon enough it will quiet down.